Vinyl siding is exposed to all of nature's elements - sun, wind, snow, and rain. The fibers that hold your vinyl siding together will break down over time. Vinyl siding can usually hold up 15-20 years, but the age of your siding is something to keep in mind so you don't get caught off guard.

Wind damage
Wind can be the most dangerous threat to your siding, as it can get under a sheet of siding and bend it or even tear it from the wall. 

During the cold Michigan winters, vinyl siding can contract and crack causing you to need to replace sections or all of your siding.

Home Beautification
Sometimes all a house might need is a little face-lift, and siding can provide that aesthetic difference to the appearance of your house. In comparison to many other house projects, new siding can prove to be the relatively inexpensive change that your home needs!